Thanks for a great season!

The second season of the Orcas Island Jazz Festival was wonderful and memorable! From opening night, where we enjoyed the wonderful European Jazz of the Oliver Groenewald NewNet through the middle concert with the stunning singing of Greta Matassa and the triumphant return of Pearl Django on closing night, it was three nights of musical heaven.


There were so many special moments...the most memorable for me being when we had an additional, uninvited audience member visit during Greta's first set - a bat flew in and circled the theater. Quintessential pro Greta announced from the stage "I'm not letting any bat upstage me!" And she didn't. It was a lovely duet.

Plans are already in the works for the 2017 season...I am looking back with joy and gratitude to all our patrons, volunteers, and donors, and ahead with excitement for our third year - guaranteed to be the best yet. I wonder if I can get hold of that bat's agent....